Make A Bold Move

Make A

Bold Move



How to create a personal brand that reflects your unique personality and values

Mastering the art of networking to grow your business

Organic marketing strategies for small businesses

Balancing your personal finances as a business owner

Building a loyal customer base through relationship marketing

How to create engaging content that resonates with your target audience

Maximizing your social media presence to attract and retain clients

The importance of self-care in maintaining a successful business

Creating a business plan that aligns with your personal values and goals

Overcoming mindset barriers to achieve success in business and personal finances.

Business operations and Financial Literacy


Sylvia S. Glanton

Author | Business Operations Coach | Helping Business Owners Build Teams for Efficiency.

Fayetteville NC Top Business Coach

With a penchant for high levels of detail, fierce customer advocacy, and unmatched professionalism, it’s no surprise Sylvia S. Glanton, pre-graduate of Valdosta State University, Army Veteran, Published Author, and Serial entrepreneur, has coached hundreds of business owners how to properly structure their business and taught them the importance of having the right systems in place.

Sylvia has achieved the name for being the go to business coach for many industries including credit repair, food service, hairstylist, make up artist and more. She owns both Personameant Solutions – a full-service, top-of-the-line credit repair company, and Keep It Cute K. A content creation space for business professionals who want to turn their content up a notch.

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