Fayetteville Technical Community College Small Business Center

Innovate Your Business & Workforce

Date of the Training : June 12, 2024

Time: 10:00AM - 1:00PM

Location: 2817 Fort Bragg Road, Fayetteville, NC 28303

Speakers: Sylvia Glanton and Xavier DeBrough

Who Is This Session For?

○ Full-time business owners seeking expansion and growth opportunities.

○ Entrepreneurs aiming to elevate their current business model.

○ Visionary leaders eager to harness technology for business advancement.

○ Growth-oriented professionals committed to workforce development and improvement. expansion and growth

Key Takeaways:

○ Learn how to strategically integrate technology tools to optimize business processes and drive growth.

○ Explore techniques for scaling your business model effectively while maintaining quality and efficiency.

○ Understand the importance of investing in workforce development to foster a skilled and motivated team.

○ Cultivate an innovation mindset within your organization to adapt to changing market trends and stay ahead of the competition.

○ Gain practical insights and actionable strategies to implement tech solutions and workforce development initiatives in your business.

○ Connect with fellow business owners and entrepreneurs to exchange ideas, insights, and best practices for business expansion and workforce enhancement.


Introduction to All-in-One CRM:

○ Understanding the importance of CRM in small business operations

○ Overview of key features and functionalities

Building a Professional Website:

○ Utilizing CRM tools to create a customized website

○ Importance of user experience and design elements

Creating Effective Sales Funnels:

○ Designing sales funnels to attract and convert leads

○ Implementing automation to streamline the sales process

Email Campaigns and Marketing Automation:

○ Crafting engaging email campaigns using CRM tools

○ Leveraging automation for targeted marketing efforts

Social Media Integration:

○ Strategies for integrating social media platforms with CRM

○ Maximizing social media presence for business growth

Analytics and Reporting:

○ Utilizing CRM analytics to track key performance metrics

○ Making data-driven decisions for business improvement

Practical Exercises and Hands-On Training:

○ Interactive sessions where attendees can apply concepts learned

○ Guidance and support from experienced instructors

Practical Exercises and Hands-On Training:

○ Introduction to affiliate marketing and its benefits

○ Exploring opportunities to generate passive income through affiliate programs


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