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Advance Dispute Letters

What is included :

✔️Judgement Removal Letter

✔️Repossession Letter to Creditor

✔️Debt Validation Request

✔️Dispute Letter for Credit Card Errors

✔️Removal after Settlement request

✔️609 Letter: (for the Bureaus ONLY)

✔️609 Late Pay: (for the Bureaus ONLY)

✔️Debt Validation Letter: (for collection accounts ONLY)

✔️HIPAA Letter(s): (for medical disputes ONLY)

✔️Notary Letter:

✔️Goodwill Letter for Late Payments

✔️Pay To Delete:


✔️750 Dispute Reason Cheat Sheet



Credit Inquiry Removal Letters

Credit inquiry dispute letter to be sent directly to CREDIT BUREAUS ( Include a copy of your ID and proof of address with this dispute.)

Do not send ID and proof of address with letter to the creditor.

Avoid disputing any accounts tied to positive accounts.



DIY Credit Repair Masterclass

Are you looking to purchase your dream home in the near future or simply want to be better financially ?

Check out this MASTERCLASS that will definitely leave you ready to fix your credit like a pro.

Learn from Credit Expert Sylvia Glanton on how to revive and rehab your credit on your own with her proven strategies

How to properly read a credit report?

How to write a factual dispute letter to the credit bureau

How to deal with debt collection letters and proper debt validation

What is the FCRA AND FDCPA ?

When can a debt collector sue you and when you need to sue a debt collection company

and more

Included you will receive a copy of our DIY credit repair kit to start your dispute process right away.



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